Liam Walsh – Front End Web Developer

Liam Walsh

About Liam

Getting my first taste for web design and development when creating an online Chess arena for my final year project, I grew hungrier to learn more about the web and how to create amazing and beautiful interactive websites. I love front end development and streamlining development to make things faster, better and more optimised! A couple years experience at an e-commerce company and a lot of enthusiasm and now I’m crafting websites and front end code with a great team of web people.

In my spare time I love to tinker with new web technologies and create my own one page web designs inspired by the things I love, I call them 'Humble Tributes’. I also love sports (especially Badminton), food (probably too much) and make too many Lord Of The Rings references!

What are your pet hates?
Being late and, if i can pick a second, unchivalrous behaviour
What super power would you have?
The ability to ’simply walk into Mordor’!
Where is your ideal holiday destination?
China, so much history and great food.
Chicken, Fish or Veggies?
Chicken all the way!
What animal would be your spirit guide?
A Grizzly Bear

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