Michael Trestianu – Drupal Developer

Michael Trestianu

About Michael

I’m from Carlisle and moved to the big city (Manchester) to see what all the fuss is about. I love socialising, as well as playing football, squash, running and generally keep fit. I’m also a sucker for American TV shows like The Walking Dead, Mr Robot and Narco’s (naming just a few).

I joined Access after meeting a few of the team at various Drupal camps and thought that their company's ethos was suited to that of mine!

What is your hidden talent?
Reading people
What super power would you have?
Making Liverpool win the league ;)
What animal would be your spirit guide?
A dragon - just like my Chinese birth year!
First CD you ever bought?
S Club 7’s first album which I definitely still listen to (proud)!
What are your pet hates?
Noisy eaters and slow traffic

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